Petzl | Tikka XP2 Headlamp

photo | petzl.com
In the first week of September I wrote a review about the Petzl Tikka2 Headlamp, one of my long-time favorite pieces of gear.  Its limitation is the distance the light travels - about 30m or so.  Petzl got wise and added a focusing lense to the Plus model - flip it up and away and you get a wide, typical, 30m spread on high power.  Flip it down and in place and - presto - you get a focused 60m beam of light, at the same weight and size as the the rest of the Tikka line.  This is key when you're trying to routefind across a glacier at the backside of dawn or if you're looking for that next rappel station as you descend way after sunset.  I got one of these at the beginning of the summer and it has already proved its worth.  It now lives in my alpine day pack for those marathon sessions when car-to-car means dark-to-dark.

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