Petzl | Tikka2 Headlamp

photo | petzl.com
It only takes one lesson to learn that with a headlamp you're hiking out tired; without a headlamp you're shivering through the night and then hiking out tired in the morning.  On overnight trips a second headlamp is more convenient when the batteries die on the first or when you're partner says, "I forgot."  The Petzl Tikka2 is small and compact, but with a user-friendly head or helmet strap and push-button activation that has never turned itself on inside my pack. The 4 LED bulbs will illuminate up to 80 feet away on the high setting, last up to 120 hours on the low setting, and the emergency strobe can double for that full-moon rave party you've been wanting to go to.  For 81grams and less than two Andy Jacksons, you'll be whistling in the dark as you follow the trail to the car.

$30      LINK