Drinking the Kool Aid: Training

I turned 38 last weekend.  And looking back at this past year, I realized that I've been more injury prone than ever before.  Not more accident prone - but more likely to get hurt from the trips and tumbles that I normally perform while trying to take a walk.  And I think its not just age.  I've relied heavily on doing the sports I love - climbing and skiing - to remain fit and capable to do the sports I love.  And I don't think its enough anymore, if it ever was.  Last October, I was climbing at my personal best, despite a broken toe.  Twelve months later, and I seem to struggle at three full grades below last October, and somehow 20 lbs has inched its way onto my belly.

I spent September being a good partner, unpacking while PG made the money that's paying our bills.  We're almost unpacked, and I feel like I can now finally take some time for myself.  I re-joined my old yoga studio, 8 Limbs Yoga, to try to put some flexibility into my 2x4 frame.  I've made a commitment to hit the climbing gym twice a week.  And I decided to try something new - Crossfit.

The people I know participating in Crossfit sometimes act like they're members of some cult, talking about "burpees" and "frans" and some "paleo-diet" thing.  Still, something must be in their water bottles because they all look fitter then they did a year ago.  So I'm taking a sip of the Kool Aid.  I'm going to give crossfit a dedicated practice, twice a week, until I leave for Antarctica.  My goal is simply to increase, in some sustainable way, my basic, core fitness.  I don't expect it to make me a better skier or climber.  I'm really inspired by Will Gadd's training blog.  I will need to actually ski and climb.  But maybe if I was a bit stronger I could have avoided hitting that tree in February, or taking that highball fall bouldering in May, or that scary pendulum in July.