Early Days in McMurdo

I arrived in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, on 28 November.  Like John the Baptist, I was coming to prepare the way - for Greg, Claire, Kat, Seth and Matt, the rest of the members of India 1.5.6.  That's our Event in the US Antarctic Program:  I-156.  The team all arrived on 1 December, and its been a mad rush of meetings and appointments and trainings meanwhile.

I'm going to experiment from here on with loading content onto the blog with my iPhone.  Lets see how this works!

Pre-flight briefing.

USAF C-17's are the preferred transport for passengers
to McMurdo.  It also carries a LOT of cargo.

The view inside leave's a bit to be desired.  3:30 hours later...

...we've landed on the Sea Ice Runway near McMurdo.

The permafrost means everything is built on the surface.

Ob Hill has been a landmark since Scott's first expedition.

Scientists offer presentations to colleagues and station personnel
about their latest work.

The Crary Science Lab briefing and tour.

A friend's surprise birthday party.

Field Coms training this afternoon.