Art and Hope in Christchurch

Plywood siding hints at the lines this building once had.

Others are being propped by a lattice of steel buttresses.

The downtown core sits empty on a Saturday afternoon.

This tower - erected in 1897 - was shook
so violently it bent the decorative lightning rod
on the peak.

Every building is tagged with an Urban SAR team.
NZTF was one of five that I noted.

The quintessential kiwi - burlap sack to hold your stuff,
sturdy leather shoes, cord trousers, common sense
button down shirt, and a shearling hat to keep off the cold.

A Chinese restaurant kitchen at work.

A fantastic beer label.

Is this how you feel when you get stabbed in your palm,
or when you can shoot lightning from your hand like spiderman
shoots webs?

The best notice:  "Management insist on a
high standard of dress".

A paint spill becomes art.

This says it all to me - Christchurch will be back!