Exploratory Guiding = Unknown Adventure

Exploratory:  serving in or intended for exploration or discovery source / princeton wordnet

Exploratory Guiding - to climb in a unique place, with unique culture, and unique people.

Sometimes its enjoyable to have everything planned:  to know that someone has figured out the best restaurants to eat at, the best places to sleep.  To know that the car will come on time, take you exactly where you want to go, and be there to pick you up when its over.  Its nice, eh?

But if you crave to experience something completely new, be prepared for a bumpy trip.  If you want a real adventure, then you have to pick something off the beaten tracks, away from the usual destinations that are blanketed, pinned and covered by the big guides services and tour companies.  You have to be ready to eat from street vendors, spend sleepless nights traveling, sudden changes in the itinerary, and the greatest element of adventure traveling:  the unknown.

Exploratory Guided Trips invite the unknown, embrace the adventure.  We'll do something unheard of - travel to someplace new, or experience a familiar place with a completely untested itinerary.  You can be as involved in the planning as you have time or desire.

Starting tonight and continuing in the coming months, I'm going to start posting ideas I have for exploratory guiding.  Some of the trips will be as close to home as Mt. Whitney, and others as far away as China.  I won't have all the answers or the details - I'll simply be posting my ideas as they come, and invite you to write back if any of them seem interesting.

Re-discover adventure and excitement of the unknown.  Exploratory Guiding.