Announcement / Alpine Meadows is OPEN!!

Well, sorta. Alpine Meadows opened on Friday operating the Meadows and Kangaroo Chairs, and manufactured snow providing coverage for the Meadow Beginner Area and the Shreadow Terrain Park (minus the features).

My deck at 8:30am on 13 December.
I shoveled it clear after taking this photo.

But the cool thing - it started snowing on Saturday. HARD. And by Sunday people were desperately trying to ski Nick's Run off of Kangaroo. Listen. I just hiked that slope with Montana last week, and there is more than just grass on the ground. You don't want to ski any of these runs until the grass is completely covered - at least! There are some serious hazards there, people. Big branches, basketball-sized rocks, all barely covered. But people were still trying and you could hear them hitting rocks and who-know-what-else as they fell and stumbled and flailed their way down. The telemarker made me wince the most.

The view from my front door.

Alpine Meadows closed again after the weekend, and plans to re-open on Friday, the 19th. And it will be huge. Yesterday (Sunday) I woke up to twelve-plus inches at my new cabin in Homewood, so I shoveled the deck before going to work. Today I woke up and found another twelve-plus inches covering the deck that I had shoveled out yesterday. By the time my neighbor and I had finished blowing the driveway, there was another three inches on the deck, so I shoveled again before I drove back to Vallejo. Hopefully, if this keeps up, a lot more of the mountain will be open for skiing come Friday!

My deck again 48 hours later.  By 10:00am on 15 December, 
I've already shoveled it twice since the storm began.