Happy Solstice!!!

Sorry for not writing, but I've been living the title of the blog as I get settled into a new job and new cabin at Lake Tahoe, California. Alpine's strategy paid off - last week's storm gave us more than four feet of light, cold, fresh snow. The Summit and Hot Wheels Chairs are running, so the entire frontside of Ward Peak is open. We had exactly two days of calm weather before a new storm moved in today, and I'm guessing we've already recieved six inches at the ski area. And this is wet, heavy snow, the "Sierra Cement" that the range is infamous for - this is the snow that will give us a good, deep, stable snowpack that will last into the spring. So I'm not complaining.

I finished jumping through the hoops that I needed to in order to qualify as an Instructor at Alpine Meadows, and will start teaching classes tomorrow. We're still working out the details of the Alpine Guide program, but give me a shout in advance and we can book me directly through the ski school. Email me about details.

I shamelessly nicked these photos from Alpine Meadows' blog. It is really this good!!

All photos (c)2008 Alpine Meadows, used here only for informational purposes and not-for-profit.