Smash & Grab #11

I'll be honest - it's a bit of a dice game out there right now.  Last night I canceled a personal two-day trip into Boston Basin (we were supposed to hike in today).  Here's what the weather looks like at the likely suspects this week:

Washington Pass:


Snoqualmie Pass:

The pattern is similar all over the Cascades.  Thunderstorms on the east side, moderate chances of rain on the west side.

So what can you do?  Keep expectations and commitment factor low - like Meredith is doing with me tomorrow (Tuesday).  We're heading up to Chair Peak in the morning, playing the weather "by ear".  If its as good in the morning as it was this morning, we'll go for the West Ridge of Chair Peak.  If it looks like we need to move faster, we'll try Chair's NE Buttress, and since we're local, if it completely craps out we'll try to reschedule some time in the next month.

Or keep it limited to cragging - I just spent Saturday (another 30%-chance-of-rain-day) climbing with Carlton at Exit 38.  While it threatened a few times, we got in 10 pitches without being hit by a drop!

And shoot, if we make plans and we do get rained out, we still got all of September to get 'er done!

That's the reality here - we love the deep green in the summer and the deep white in the winter, but sometimes we have to pay the piper and this week may be it.  It does look like this system is moving out at the end of the week, so I'm expecting the weekend to be much more favorable.  Still, if anyone want's my opinion I'd want to go climb day trip objectives like Guye Peak's Improbable Traverse, the East Face of the Tooth, and the West Ridge of Chair Peak.

Other stuff happening this week - the 5 Point Film Festival is coming to Bellingham on Thursday, 29 August!  From Carbondale, Colorado, the 5 Point Film Fest is a celebration of being outside - that awesome intersection of mountain and surf culture that shares so much in common.  A love for the human powered experience of the untouched world.

What makes it really special is that I'll be there - as the MC!!  That's right!  I'm so freaking psyched!  Come cheer me on - or heckle, whatever your fancy!  All sorts of things start around 5pm at the Bellingham Depot (where the weekly farmers' market is held, right across the street from the Boundary Bay Pub! Movies start up around dark-o'clock (8-ish).  One of the cooler things you could win - food and accomodations in Carbondale, CO in April for the 2014 5 Point Film Festival.  I've never been to Carbondale, but have always heard about what a great mountain town it is - now I've got an excuse to load up the Missus and the dogs and see for myself!

So, re-cap:  Stay flexible, keep the objectives low on the commitment grade but high on the adventure grade, and take an evening to visit Bellingham for good food, drinks, and the 5 Point Film Fest on Thursday night.

Hope to see you soon in the mountains!

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