Help! I've been Instagrammed!!

Can you use Instagram as a verb?

In an effort to more efficiently get my photos from my phone (which is what I take my photos with these days) to my Facebook Page (where most of you look at my photos), I opened an Instagram account.  Doing this took about 30 seconds of signing up and about 3 months of whinging, hemming and hawing about if I wanted to sign up.

I tried Twitter, but I never really got into twitting.  Twittering? Tweeting. Twhatever.  When was something worth twitting about?  But not f-b'ing?  Besides, I don't want to tell about the fun I'm having - I want to show.  And tell.  Just like first grade.

My hope is, I'll be able to have a live Instagram feed on the website, as well as have my Instagrammed photos loaded immediately onto my Facebook page.  Or soon thereafter, since I don't have a cell signal in most places I take photos.

Oh!  And if you like - I know I'm assuming a lot, but you have read this far - please follow me on Instagram:  chrissimmonsguiding.