April in Review: The Alps

Last month, I took a trip of a lifetime - I travelled to the Alps for the first time. I spent 10 days in Chamonix figuring things out and skiing, then I guided three great guys on the Haute Route to Zermat, caught a train back to Chamonix and joined Martin to guide a group on a Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa ski descent trip.  We summited Mont Blanc in incredibly windy weather, but were stormed of Monte Rosa.  Into my fifth week, the weather was looking wet and rainy throughout the alps, so I decided to rent a car and drove to the Italian Riviera, then back up to Lago du Garda, before re-entering Switzerland and returning to Geneva.

It was an incredible month.  Special thanks to Dylan Taylor and Adam George for helping me out in Chamonix; to Valais Suisse guides Bertrand, Julian, Stephan and Franco for taking me in on the Haute Route and showing me how we should take care of each other.  And for Pro Guiding Service and Martin Volken for being willing to send such a Yankee off into Europe and still work with me.

Here are the photos.  To keep this from being too long an entry, I've broken it into four slideshow sections.  Enjoy!


The Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route

Ski Descents of Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa

My Italy Road Trip