Worthy: Mt Elinor

Well, today you can't, but on many days I can look out my living room window, across the sound, past Vashon and Port Orchard, and see Mt Elinor and Mt Washington standing on the southern end of the Olympic Mountains.  When I learned that Mt Elinor was only a day trip, I had to check it out.

My first attempt was a flop.  I persuaded Kurt that it couldn't be that bad, but December's snowfall had made the forest service roads impassable, and we found ourselves starting way too late for a 5100' climb, 3600' of it through Pacific Northwest forest.  We called it off at 11am and turned home.  Kurt was right - we should have gone climbing!

The weather forecast was best for last Friday, and I was able to convince Day to come with me for round two.