Ski Tuning 101

I first learned how to tune my own skis from the ski patrollers at Jackson Hole back in 1999 (more on that tune in another post).  I still use the methods they taught me - for a fairly crude, but quick and effective, tune-up.  If I needed anything fancier, I would take it into a shop.  Now that I work with Pro Guiding Service and Pro Ski & Mountain Service, I have access to one of the best benches and ski techs in Puget Sound.  But still, my basement is a lot closure and more convenient.

So I was excited to learn that Greg Whittaker was offering a ski tuning clinic at his shop, Mountain To Sound Outfitters, just a few minutes away from my home in Seattle this past Tuesday.  Greg and one of his shop techs, Doug, gave an awesome clinic on home tunes to a crowed of +15 people.  Its was chuckling to learn that some of my techniques were as crude as they looked, but that much of what that crusty crew in Jackson taught me so many years ago still applied today.

Special thanks to Greg, and the folks at M2S, for a great clinic!  Check them out online at http://m2soutfitters.com/.