Haute Route 2013!

Scheduled dates:  8-13 April 2013
Private dates available
Cost:  $2200 per person, for teams of three plus guide - smaller ratios are possible, email for special rates.

Second Part Of Day 5 Haute Route from Nate Purcell on Vimeo.

I'm really, really excited to get to announce that I'm going to Europe to ski the Haute Route at least twice, back-to-back, with Pro Guiding Service.

This trip is a classic ski tour.  Classic in the sense that other tours try to use "Haute" to sound as classic. Six days, five nights, eleven glaciers, three countries.  What are called "huts" on the route would be considered "fully-catered ski lodges" in North America (what we call huts they would dismiss as "refugios").

I'm shamelessly copying what Pro Guiding Service describes on the tour:

"The Haute Route is most likely the single most famous ski traverse in the Alps and Pro Guiding Service has guided it about 30 times in 5 different variations.  Our guides speak french and english.  Martin Volken the founder and head guide of Pro Guiding Service grew up in the Zermatt valley and speaks german, french, italian and english.  Because of Martin's background as a Swiss Mountain guide we have many local connections in the area.  Believe us, it makes a difference.

"The Haute Route crosses eleven glaciers at an average elevation of 3,000 meters.  Depending on the toure variation you might end up skiing in three different countries.  The huts are sophisticated by US standards, the mountains are more alpine in character that anything in the lower 48 states, and packs are small enough to let you enjoy the skiing even at the highest elevations of the trip.

"Touring in such spectacular mountains coupled with the multi-cultural exchange will make this trip a unique experience."

More information, including a detailed itinerary and gear list, can be found at Pro Guiding.  I'm thrilled to be skiing this route, and I hope you can join me!!