Keeping it Local

This week I kept the runs short and local.  Both of the dogs were laid up with different injuries, and I'm leaving in the morning to guide the Forbidden Tour.

Tuesday, 1 May.  Me-Kwa-Mooks Double Loop.  3.3 miles, 650' gain/lost.  A fun local run I've discovered.  Run into MKM Park and follow the trail from the Beach access to Jacobsen, drop down to the waterfront and run back to the park.  Head back in and up the trail for the second time, but turn and continue climbing up the 55th Ave SW access trail to Genessee St, head east to 51st Pl, and follow 51st south until it intersects with Jacobsen.  Head down Jacobsen to the MKM Park entrance, and follow the trail one last time to the ocean and home.

Wednesday,  2 May.  Hike to Alaska Junction.  3.9 miles, 500' gain/lost.  Hiked my errands around the Alaska Junction today, including a side hike to check out a use trail in MKM Park.  

Friday, 4 May.  3 May.  Lincoln Park Loop.  3 miles, 200'.

Totals:  10.2 miles, 1350' gain/lost.