Icicle TV

I think one of the more powerful tools of the internet is local advertising.  Social media and video sites like You Tube and Vimeo allows local businesses to easily post content, and potential visitors will hopefully come across their material while planning a trip.

Case in point - Icicle TV.  Billed as an online news source of "Local people doing cool things," what it also does very effectively describe and show Leavenworth, Washington, as the the epicenter of an outdoor adventure sports vortex.  And they have a good reason to do so - you can kayak, raft, creek boat, boulder, rock climb, alpine climb, ice climb, ski, snowboard, crosscountry, walk, hike, backpack, run, trail run, bike, road bike, mountain bike, even paraglide...

Here's a great example - two local climbers doing some cool climbing.