Climb. Ski. Run. Bike?

Photo | www.splinterbike.co.uk
Anyone who visits my little mother-in-law apartment first has to walk around the three bikes that guard the sidewalk.  I don't really care to mountain bike - I enjoy the urban chaos of negotiating a cyclecross bike through the city.  Those three bike out front represent 1/3 of the collection - a second third rests in a Tacoma garage, and the remainder in a storage container in Newcastle.  We really can't wait to move into a proper home.  I can't wait because if means I'll have a proper gear garage, ski bench, and bike stand.

But I heard this news earlier this week on NPR.  A master wood craftsman in Norfolk, England, took on a bet to build a viable bike using only wood and glue.  There isn't a single piece of metal - including nails and screws.  Test rides are forthcoming.

Is it design?  Is it art?  Is it functional?  I really don't care - its simply cool!

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