Sweaty Palms

For some people, even in the Pacific Northwest, winter is a rude interruption of their summers, pushing them indoors to climb plywood and plastic until the rain and snow migrates away.  Its a welcome change for others, an oppourtunity to move fast across the mountains with skis or climb the ephemeral ice that forms only when the temperatures dip.

But both groups get psyched by springtime.

I have the highest respect for the well rounded climbers - those who do it all, a little alpine, a little sport, some bouldering - and a little soloing.  Those that can do it at a high grade are the real athletes to me, the majors.

A friend sent me a link to this video last week, with the simple note attached, "sweaty palms".  And while I watch Alex Honnold solo two routes that I can barely imagine climbing, it happens to me too - one part fear, one part in anticipation of my own rock climbing season that's arriving.