Climbing Outside??!!!

Between training and unpacking and a dying dog its been really hard to find time to get outside to climb, but today Justin rallied and convinced me that an afternoon in the sun and on the rock was worth it.  We headed up to the Exits, just 45 minutes from downtown Seattle, and checked out the Gunshow Wall at the Farside (Exit 38).  All this rock was bolted, but the texture was unbelievable and we had a fantastic climb.

Our ticks:
Closeness To Forever As The Soil Bleeds Black, 5.8, 95 feet.  The first three bolts were awkward, and the final bolt-crux felt more like 9+/10-.  Kind of forgettable.
Endless Bliss, 5.9-, 135 feet.  If you want to remember climbing Toulumne slabs, climb this route.  If you want to remember protecting those Toulumne slabs, than skip every-other bolt (or two).  This was so good we did it twice, so that each of us could get a lead!
Sinkerville, 5.9, 65 feet.  Really cool climbing through the roof crux.
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, 5.7, 90 feet.  A little wet in places, more exciting to follow than to lead!

top - Justin figuring out the start to Closeness
bottom - Justin heading into the crux for Endless Bliss