And Where Have YOU Been?

The view from our new flat.
Sorry.  Sorry.   Its been a crazy three weeks and as much as I tried to keep things interesting with a little bit of other material, I fell way behind on my posting.  We've officially moved to Seattle, I officially worked in the flat unpacking while PG went and made real money, and Charlie was really, really sick.

I haven't climbed, skied, or run a damn thing, but that should start changing this week.  Went for a run on Sunday, and climbed in the gym last night.  Got plans.  Getting stuff done.  Expect some big changes, in my life, in the blog, yada yada yada.

Getting ready to go to Antarctica.  Yep, Antarctica.  For the sixth time, so obviously something is a bit off with me.  This time I'll be guiding a team of geologists and glaciologists in the very remote Pensacola Mountains.  Hoping for a little bit of a fun, plenty of work, and a lot of adventure.

Anyways, more about Charlie in the morning, then back to our regularly scheduled program.  Thanks for your patience!