Know no bounds...

Reid races through the frame.

The Alpine Ski Guide offering at Alpine Meadows is in full swing this year.  On December 30th, after an overnight storm that deposited 6" of fresh snow, I went out for a morning with Alex, Jeff, Austin and Reid to show them some of the great runs and sidecountry that Alpine Meadows has to offer.

Austin and Jeff arcing in.

Because of the high winds, low visibility, and considerable avalanche hazard we stayed low and mostly inbounds, finding incredible runs in the Seldom Slides Chute, the bowls below Sherwood Cliffs, and even great skiing amongst the trees on Mountain View.  We finished the morning with one run down Outer Outer Limits, finding no tracks and snow blowing up to our chests.  Coming back into the area, we found still more untracked snow off of Art's Knob and shook hads back in the lodge.

We're all grins as Alex sprays to a stop!