Online News: Links for Tahoe Road Conditions, and Potential One-Stop Tour Planning in the Future

While trying to find out why Greg, Amy, and Max were parked on I-80 between the Hwy 89 and Donner Pass Road Exits I "discovered" a great page on KCRA's website from Sacramento.  This interactive map shows all the Caltrans cameras in the Lake Tahoe and Sacramento area.  I've added to my Snow Links on the sidebar.  http://www.kcra.com/trafficmap/index.html

Another great site is Wasatch Snow Info (http://www.wasatchsnowinfo.com), by Chris Larson.  He's managed to gather up the data from 20-odd different sites into one organized location.  What I'm excited about is that he's working to do the same for the Lake Tahoe area!  All the data is on one page, following a logical progression.

First the snow reports from the local ski hills and the avalanche hazard forecast:

Then there's the data from remote telemetry stations, helpfully crunched into easy-to-read plots:

And logically leads into point forecasts:

Before wrapping it up with camera's from the local ski areas:

If Chris managed this for the Wasatch, I'm excited to see something similar for the Sierra-Tahoe region.  Imagine simply clicking on just one website to do all your tour planning instead of clicking on 5-10 individual sites.  It would be fantastic.  How to make it happen faster?  Chris doesn't charge a subscription for his site - he makes all his money from sales generated through reaching the marketing site through his site.

I'm not sure if I'm describing this right, but let me try to use an example:  there's an add on Wasatch Snow Info for an REI 30% off sale.  Now, simply clicking on the add and window shopping doesn't do anything.  But if you click on the add and then purchase something from the sale within the next 30 days or so, Chris gets a fee from REI.  The more money Chris makes from his websites, the more time he has to work on Tahoe Snow Info to get it running.  And email him too, let him know that Tahoe is supporting his work!