20090107 / G3 Introduces the Onyx

After spending all day skiing and then driving down to the Bay, I missed G3's announcement yesterday for a Dynafit-system binding: The Onyx. This is not for the light-and-fast backcountry skiers - these clock in at 1430g a pair (as opposed to my standard, the Dynafit TLT Speed, which weight in at 335g).

To be resort compliant in North America, the Onyx will need to have a pair of ski brakes, which G3 is listing as an "accessory."  I couldn't find a photo or specifications for these on the G3 site.  Assuming they're similar to a pair of Dynafit "Ski Stoppers", this would add 120g to the weight, totalling 1550g.  Of course, you could always use a leash instead, but that's not the point, is it? Compare that to a pair of Marker's Dukes at 2600g and Diamir Freeride Plus at 1980g, and the Onyx is still a lighter binding.

With a toe stop, step in/out capability, ski brakes, and possibly the lightest resort-ready binding on the market, the Onyx is poised to be my next "side-country" binding for resort and boundary-backcountry skiing.  Take a look at G3's special stand-alone site for the Onyx at www.g3onyx.com.

From G3's blog, House Blend:
G3 Introduces New Alpine Touring Binding  Posted by G3 on Tuesday 06th January, 2009  Vancouver, BC, January 5, 2008 — G3 Genuine Guide Gear today unveiled the ONYX, the world’s new standard for Alpine Touring usability and performance.  The ONYX offers up uncompromised uphill and downhill performance in an easy-to use tech-compatible design.  Incorporating a series of intuitive and innovative features including the ability for skiers to change from ski to tour mode on-the-fly, an easy step-in toe, oversized high strength forged aluminum jaws and chassis, topped only by its lightweight design, the ONYX is a binding built for those who are not willing to sacrifice.
“With an unsurpassed degree of engineering and complete attention to detail, the ONYX represents G3’s commitment to industry-leading innovation,” says Oliver Steffen, G3’s President.  “This product is built for skiers who want outstanding uphill usability and rock-solid downhill performance from the same binding.”
To meet the ONYX, please visit www.g3onyx.com.
G3 Onyx / photo G3