20081223 Local vs Tourists in a Community that Depends on Tourists' Money for the Local Economy

Patsy and I drove into Tahoe City to buy her a pair of boots and fill the fridge and pantry - something I had avoided during my two weeks of bachelor living.  We watched people whose fashion sense had overwhelmed their common sense slip and stumble across streets, side walks, and car parks with complete disregard for cars that couldn't stop on a summer's dime.  Drivers going too fast, too cautiously, too unpredictably.  Really, do you need to have your hazards flashing as you drive down the highway to alert others that you don't know how to drive in these conditions?  We could already tell since you were also driving 15 mph slower then the conditions warranted.

Still, you have to be considerate - these are the folks that bring us business, in the grocery, the restaurants, and the slopes.  This is how any of us can afford to make a life here.  So I forgive you.  For almost causing a car accident because you stopped too late too fast at the only stop light in Tahoe City.  For walking down the middle of the parking lot with complete disregard for drivers trying to enter and exit the Save Mart.  For taking forever to decide what to order at the counter of Syd's Cafe.  And my favorite, the fellow who insisted on driving with his hazards on to let everyone know how bad the road is.

So what's up with the dude who decided to stop right behind me in the parking lot so his seven buddies could leisurely climb out of the Suburban to enter the Save Mart, blocking me from backing up and pulling away?  And older lady at the grocery line who seemed to be frowning at the accent of the cashier, the time spent waiting for us to get rung up, and the poor fortune not to get into a faster queue when another checkstand opened?  Come on, locals.  Relax.  Remember where your bread comes from.  I'm not saying we need to kiss ass, but we shouldn't be asses either.