Where the Hell Have I Been?

OK, confession time: I'm tired of blogging.

I mean, I still write. But not here - not for this. And while I want to post up inspirational trip reports and get folks excited to come out into the mountains with me, I'm tired of feeling constantly obligated to put out "content", and I don't want to just put up filler to say "hey, look!"

So I'm working with an incredible web design consultant, and long-time friend, to launch the 3.0 website. If you're relatively new, this website started as a blog about 6 years ago, called Climb.Ski.Sleep.Repeat. (v 1.0). Then I got professional-y and renamed it Chris Simmons Guiding (v 2.0), but I've kept the original title as a tag line, and it will be showing up on the new site too.

Facebook, like it or not, has become the go-to forum for quick updates and easy following - something I worked to do through my blog but lacked the convenience of easy posting and easy networking.

What I am excited about is a host of new trips I'll be offering in the next 18 months: Ski traverses in Europe, California, Canada and here at home; incredible trips to Mexico, Chile, Norway, Sweden, China and Japan. My personal goal is to travel abroad 4-6 times a year, on trips of 2-3 weeks long - I'd by stoked to have you join me.

So stand by. Wait. A little more patience. 3.0 is coming, and I'll be "journaling" instead of "blogging" - mostly about the great trips, the occasional notable great-for-a-different-reason-trip, and some odds and ends I've been thinking about (packing lists? product design work?). But more important - to me at least - it will showcase what I'm most passionate about: to Climb.Ski.Sleep.Repeat. with the occasional trail run and gym session thrown in.

See you soon.