Smash & Grab #10

Weather report:  Its clear and sunny for the foreseeable future - as far out as anyone dares.  Leavenworth and Mazama is forecasted to reach the 90's (ouch!), but the passes are 20-degrees cooler (low 70's), and the high mountains even cooler.

So what's good:  Why drive farther than you have to?  First, tick off the Snoqualmie Pass alpine classics like the West Ridge of Chair Peak (5.7, 8 pitches), the East Face of the Tooth (5.8, 5 pitches) or the Improbable Traverse on Guye (5.8, 7 pitches).  If you've already been there, consider a road trip to Washington Pass.  Spontaneity Arete (5.7, 8 pitches), the South Buttress of Cutthroat Peak (5.8, 12 pitches), and the Southwest Rib of South Early Winter Spire (5.8, 10 pitches).

Here in the Pacific Northwest, often times knowing what the weather is forecasted to be determines where the best climbing or skiing is.  Smash & Grab is an almost-weekly heads up, hopefully inspiring a last-minute rally to get out and do something.