Giving Thanks

After 6 weeks of running into and out of ski shops for Backcountry Access, this week marks the slow-down of my work as a Tech Rep and the ramping up of my work as a ski guide.  The ski resorts are opening up all along the Cascades - only White Pass, Snoqualmie, and Alpental remain closed.  Regarding the latter two, Snoqualmie is reporting that its waiting for one more big storm before opening.  And Alpental, being a lot bonier than its neighbor, needs about three feet of snow at the base before opening, and right now its at 26" according to the 3100' telemetry station.  So I'm sure that both will be open soon.

Personally, my fitness fell off the wagon and rolled way down hill in the last six weeks.  My pants are tight and my legs sore from the two 5k runs I've done in the past few days.  So I've got some serious catching up to do.

I'm going to spend this weekend sorting out the ski drawers in the guest bedroom, getting a couple of ready packs pulled together, clearing off the bench from summer's trash and clutter, and tuning up my boards.  Oh, and doing a little bit of work on my boots to make them tour better, with inspiration from the late Steve Romeo over at Teton AT.  It looks like my first day on the snow will be Tuesday.

I've got a lot to be thankful for this year.  A year of marriage to the greatest woman I've ever known.  Two awesome dogs.  Pro Guiding Service and Backcountry Access for helping me chase my passions.  My family and friends.  All of you.

As much as I'm thankful for the past year, I'm possibly even more thankful for the year ahead.  To a fantastic ski season that stretches into July again.  Setting a new PR in climbing.  Running some truly classic multi-day routes in the Cascades.  Another wonderful year with PG.  More climbing.  More skiing.  More adventures.  More friendship.  More love.  And I'm thankful that I get to look forward to it.  With all of you.