Don't Call It a Comeback

Finally, back at it.  I could blame it on work, on travel, on dogs, stress, all the special ski events and the beer and donuts or that I couldn't find any right-footed socks in the drawer.  But somewhere my enthusiasm decided to take a sabatical, and my three-times-a-week-runs stumbled to twice-a-week, then tripped to once-a-week, then came to a gasping, heaving,


And for the last month I've done abso-jack-lutely nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Just feeling more and more...anchored?  Fixed?  Rooted.  Or in a rut.  And I needed to wake the $%#@ up.  Right now.

So I took a step.  For myself.  I took one hour today to be completely selfish and went for a run.

Back to Cougar Mountain - thank the Buddha for the Issaquah Alps.  Since its Veterans Day and weekend, starting at the Military Trail seemed appropriate.  Then a zig-zagging up and down route across the side of the mountain until a final rolling stretch back to the car.

It wasn't the furthest I've ever run.  It sure as hell wasn't my fastest.   But its not going to be my last, either.

Statistics:  Cougar Mountain trail run.  3.7 miles, 650' gained and lost, 54:33.