Smash & Grab

A friend introduced me to the concept of Smash & Grab - pick an objective that's notoriously hard to plan for, wait for the weather window to appear, then dash in, climb or ski the line, and get out.

We deal with weather a lot here in the Pacific Northwest.  If you get tired of dealing with it, you either move or pick up sailing instead.  And I thought this style could be modified to local standards too.

So I started a semi-regular feature called Smash & Grab - a Monday newsletter that would look at the forecast for the Cascades from the Canadian border to Mt Rainier, to pick the destination with the best forecast, and the best line at that destination.  Its limited to day trips - overnight objectives take more planning and time off than what Smash & Grab is meant to convey.

I also limited the email list to PNW locals, from Bellingham to Portland.  If I missed you, please forgive me, click on the link below, and subscribe to the Smash & Grab.  If you live outside of the PNW and want to be added to the list anyways, feel free!

LINK - Smash & Grab for Monday, 23 July