Top Ten Field Photos - Antarctica

We spent 33 days and 32 nights in the field.  We haven't traded photos amongst ourselves yet, so here's my favorite 10 images - from my camera - of that time:

Farewell flyby - the smoke-cloud was created with ATO rockets,
used to help the aircraft reach take-off speed sooner, and minimize
the chance of damage from the hard sastrugi.

Matt, Seth and Kat get the first view of the Thomas Hills
terrain descending to the Foundation Ice Stream.

Seth gets excited for Christmas.

Claire and Kat on the summit of Martin Peak - we were the
second ascent in almost 50 years.

Collecting samples in the South Mainland.

A Twin Otter aircraft took Kat, Seth and I back to the central
Pensacola Mountains for an 80km traverse of last year's sites.

Kat measuring a core snow sample before bagging.

Ice bow on a low cloud day.  Our return to Thomas Hills was
delayed by five days by poor weather.

Our very small, very remote, very deep field camp in the
Schmidt Hills.  We were 165km away from Greg, Claire and Matt.

Near the summit of South Island Peak, Thomas Hills.

My last view of the Thomas Hills, Patuxent Range, Pensacola
Mountains.  A moment later I turned around, picked up my
bags, and stepped on board the C-130 to head home.