Beautiful Days on Mt Adams

It seems like ages ago - at the end of July I found myself fighting to stay awake early in the morning, driving down to Mt Adams.  It was my second "alpine start" day in a row, and I was knackered.  Thank goodness that Quino was driving along with me - there is no way I could have made that drive by myself.

Quino and I were working for Northwest Mountain School to guide a group from the WSU Military Teen Adventure Camps, a unique program for the families of active duty and activated reserve military personnel.  This team spent the four days and three nights climbing Mt Adams, most of whom had no backpacking experience before this climb, let alone climbing experience.  Through determination and perseverance, everyone reached the summit.  Sunset that evening never looked better!

I am tremendously proud of these climbers!

Statistics:  Northwest Mountain School and WSU Military Teen Adventure Camps.  Mt Adams (12,276 ft / 3742 m), Suksdoorf Ridge (aka the South Spur Route).  26-29 July 2011 - summit on 28 July.

Photos:  More photos are on my Picasa site here.