Mt Baker Part Deux

After a few days to do laundry, kiss my girl, and swim my dog it was time to head back to Mt Baker with Ken.  Another lap on the Coleman-Deming, but this time the weather was so good that I slept out in the open.  This was also a two-day trip, so we got up at 1:30am and were climbing by 2:30am to enjoy the summit.  Along the way, I ran into friends and other guides, some of whom I haven't seen for months, which added a level of festivity to the whole thing.  It was great to stand on top of Grant Peak, then turn around and charge back down for burgers and beers at Graham's.

Statistics:  Pro Guiding Service, 5-6 July.  Mt Baker, 10,787'.  Coleman-Deming Route, 10 miles round trip, 6,800' climbed and descended, glacier and steep snow travel.