Getting Back on the Trail Again

Finally getting back on the wagon.  I have a goal to climb, ski, run or cross-train 30 hours per week, with 8 hours off per work day.  My objective is to raise my activity level throughout the week.  Stay tuned.

Made a reconnaissance day into a trail-running-fun-day-in-the-rain last Wednesday with Neo.  We went up to Exit 38's Farside area and hiked every approach trail to each crag.  This was a great way to get some familiarity with what was available to climb and how to get there.  Then, curious as to where the "Main Trail" went, we climbed up and up and up.  The trail had obviously been maintained and in several spots the forest had been intentionally thinned.  Then we found wooden markers, one had "Balcony Hike" written on it.  What had we stumbled across?  An old Boy Scout project?  Some hiking club efforts?  We stopped climbing and turned to descend when the air turned damp and cold from the low clouds that were sinking into the woods.

Checking out the woods near the Neverland wall.

Following the trail to somewhere.

We never did find that Balcony - but I want to go back!

Satisfaction back at the trailhead.
Statistics:  Balcony Trail, Farside, Exit 38, I-90.  Estimated 6 miles out-and-back trail, 1200 feet climbed and descended. No time kept.