Jeff Lowe's Metanoia #2, Narrated by Jon Krakauer

Jeff Lowe defined alpine climbing in the 1990's.  He was one of the visionaries responsible for alpine light-and-fast, ice and mixed climbing as we see it today. But 10 years ago, he began to battle a degenerative nerve disease.  I got to meet Jeff at the OR Show this summer for the first time - it can be heartbreaking to see the personality who first climbed Bridaveil Falls (WI6) forced to maneuver a powered wheelchair with a joystick.  But its inspiring to see him simply not give up - to keep finding one more project to commit himself to before the next big project.

Jeff's filming a documentary about one of his greatest career climbs, a solo first ascent of the North Face of the Eiger.  He accomplished this over nine days in 1991, abandoning his pack and rope to finish the last 20 meters.  Only a few hours later the mountain was surrounded in storm, and no one has repeated his route in 20 years.

Jeff is looking for backers for his film, the seed money necessary to pay for the filming and finish production, for a fall release.  He's already met his target funding goal.  But this is an opportunity to give back to someone who has inspired so much from so many.  I'm proud to put in what I can, and be able to say this fall that I helped create Jeff Lowe's Metanoia #2, narrated by Jon Krakauer.  You're invited to join me and the 265 other people who feel the same.

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