Photo of the Day: One of Those Days

I first met guide and photographer Chris Werner at our AMGA Rock Guide Exam in October 2009.  He crushed the exam easily, shooting some great photos along the way.  Last summer, he rescued me off of Picture Peak, after I fell and pendulum-ed twenty-five feet into a corner, separating my ribs and bruising my kidneys.
Chris lives on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, where he balances working as an AMGA Certified Rock Guide and work as an adventure sports / travel / outdoor / and Lake Tahoe wedding photographer.  He travels to destinations throughout California and beyond for both jobs.
About today's Photo of the Day, he said:  "This shot was taken during our move to Camp 2 (19,200) on Aconcagua. The weather was a bit windy (40mph gusts) and it snowed during most of the day. This location is about 15 minutes outside of camp."
Sometimes you get blue skies.  And sometimes you don't!  I think the lesson in this photo is: it doesn't have to be fun to be fun.

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