This is what the Sierra is all about...

A lot going on here, but not much of it is related to the title of this blog. Instead of climbing, skiing, or repeating anything I seem to be sleeping, recovering, and traveling a lot.
In the past few weeks, I've driven to Salt Lake City, flown to Seattle, driven to Seattle, and flown back to Reno. Outdoor Retailer Show, Charlie's surgery, moving the Lake Tahoe cabin boxes to Seattle, and finally guiding. I did a quick lap up Whitney's Mountaineer Route. Now I just feel worked...I think the energy levels are a bit low. I'm starting to toy with the idea of a solo trip into the mountains to recharge. Stay tuned.
In the meanwhile, my friend Braden got a helmet cam this summer and has made a couple of great videos. This one, his first, is still my favorite - a solo ascent of the North Arete of Bear Creek Spire. Enjoy.