Run to Loch Leven

As I drove back to Bishop after guiding the East Couloir of Mt Mills, my body was craving for more activity then the two-hour hike out had provided.  I'd always wanted to spend more time in the North Lake area, so I simply turned of of 395 and onto 168 and headed back into the hills.

The trail from North Lake to Piute Pass passes through what, 4, 5 micro-cosms?  From raging creek and lush plant life to dry and arid south-facing hillsides.  I just turned on my iPod, picked an album, and went.  Originally I was just going for a 30 minute run, but after 20 minutes I convinved myself I could keep going for ten more minutes.  Then another 10 minutes after that.  Finally, I found myself calling "time" 45 minutes into the run, where the snow and the east shore of Loch Leven met.

The run down was a blast - very little big striding, just mostly staccato techy foot placements as I dropped back into the trees, along the creek, and finaly out onto the road to my car.

I came home that night with my legs tired but my mind glowing.  Ahhh....

Statistics:  Trail run to Loch Leven.  5 miles, 1400' climbed, 1500' descended.  1:04:24