Short Report: New Shoes!!

In my efforts to run more this summer, I finally replaced my old (2006) Brooks Cascades with a pair of 2010 Brooks Cascade 5's!  So I road my bike down to Sage to Summit in Bishop, tried on a few pairs, left with a pair a half-size too big, returned them for the right size, and finally, finally, went for a new-shoe-run!

We're in the midst of a heat wave in the Owen's Valley, pushing temps 15-20 degree's F higher than normal - yesterday's high was 106F!  So I waited until 8:00pm to make a quick drive out to the Buttermilk Road and get a short fix in.  I dropped a Petzl Tikka headlamp in my pocket just in case and took off in a fresh cool breeze and crisp evening light.

I also played around with carrying my camera and a Gorilla tripod stand to take photos.  It meant a bit of stopping and going for the first 15 minutes, so I can't really say I got my heart rate up - but it was nice to move again, watching the clouds loose the sun and stars come out.

Statistics:  24:47 trail run in the Buttermilks.