Scrambling Summits in the Palisades

Karin joined me for a quick two-day trip (8/9 June) into the Palisades.  A heat wave in the Eastern Sierra this past week flipped the switch.  Locals were complaining that spring felt more like winter:  well, the switch was flipped and winter went straight to summer!

Waters racing down First Falls, North Fork Big Pine Creek.

Following the trail above Second Falls.

After dropping our gear at Second Lake, we hiked up to Fourth.

Enjoying the peace at Fourth Lake.
 In the morning, we got an post-dawn start and climbed Mt. Alice - or Peak 3917 - or Slide Mountain.  There's a lot of disagreement about what's what from Temple Crag eastward.  One guidebook author argues that Temple Crag was originally called Mt. Alice.  Another states that the USGS incorrectly named a lower peak further east Mt. Alice, while the actual summit is Peak 3917, which stands opposite Temple Crag across Contact Pass.  A local guide calls Peak 3917 "Slide Mountain."

Whatever.  We went to climb Peak 3917.

After a straightforward snow hike to Contact Pass, we dropped onto the southwest slopes and started up a long 2nd class scree and talus.  It seemed to take forever, though it really only took three hours.  We finally found ourselves on the summit, admiring the view.  Karin was very relieved that the uphill was over.

Downhill was even faster, and we made it back to camp by 4:30pm.  Three more hours later and we were back at Glacier Lodge, where Karin had a cabin, hot meal, soft bed, and shower waiting for her.  For me, it was a quick 30 minute drive back home to Bishop.

Leaving the snow at Contact Pass.

Taking a break, just 400' below the summit.

Summit bliss.  Mts. Sill, North Palisade, and Starlite in the background.

Time to go home!