Sierra High Route, Part 3

Maps and tour plans make one of the best "journals" for an adventure as huge as the Sierra High Route.  Here are digital copies of our maps, and the tour plan stats for each day.

Day 1:
+2520 feet to Kearsarge Pass,
-2570 feet to Bubs Creek,
estimated distance 8 miles
actual time 5:45

Day 2:
+3100 feet to Deerhorn Saddle,
-820 feet to Ericson Laks,
estimated distance 5 miles,
actual time 7:00

Day 3:
+800 feet to Ericson Pass
-2020 feet to Kern River
+210 feet to 3310 meters on Milestone Creek
estimated distance 6 miles
actual time 6:20

Day 4:
+2260 feet to Milestone Pass,
-2070 feet to 3380 meters in lower Milestone Bowl,
+970 feet to Col 12010,
-140 feet to Lake 11870,
estimated distance 6 miles

Day 5:
-610 feet to Triple Divide Creek,
+850 feet to Triple Divide Pass,
-800 feet to Cloud Canyon Glacier,
+640 to Copper Mine Pass,
-1100 to Deadman Canyon,
+340 feet to Fin Pass / Horn Col,
-450 feet to granite benches above Lonely Lake,
side tour to the nearby ridge and Peak 11600
estimated distance 6 miles
actual time 6:20

Day 6:
+700 feet to Big Bird Peak,
-600 feet into the Tablelands,
+250 feet in the Tablelands,
-2050 feet across the Tablelands, through the Tablelands Gap to he Kaweah River and Pear Lake Ranger Station,
+450 feet to the Aster-Heather Gap,
-150 feet to Heather Lake,
+250 feet to Heather Gap,
-2210 feet to Wolverton Creek and Wolverton
estimated distance 11 miles
actual time 6:30

+13,340 feet climbed,

-15,640 feet skied,
estimated distance 42 miles,
10 passes, cols, or gaps,
2 peaks summitted,
rope used once (on Ericson Pass),
ski crampons used once (on Milestone Pass),
5 peels of thunder heard during the lightning storm on Day 5,
3 days without any snow (Days 4, 6, and 7),
6 ounces / 180mL of fuel left