Adventure Idea for May: Rock Climbing or Lite Alpine First Ascents!

This is my secret stash, one that I definetely plan on getting out to this summer - whether or not you come out out with me!  The rock is reminiscent of the Palisades, but shorter.  There's only one documented climb up the center most tower in the bowl.  None of the summits are named.

Its two miles away from the nearest trail, and 1500' above it.  In fact, I think its unusual location hidden away from and above the trails is what has kept it un-trodden.

This meets the best definition of exploratory adventure that you can get in the Sierra.  And you can either say that you're going for an overnight remote rock climbing trip or lite but technical alpine climbing trip.  I expect nothing to be longer than 4 pitches, but it will take a full day to hike in or out from the bowl.

If you're still interested, I'd recommend a 4-5 day trip:

Day One:  Hike in.
Day Two-Four:  Climb!  Take a rest day if we need it.
Day Five:  Hike out.