Prep Day Three: Banana Couloir on Fissile Peak.

Its 11pm and I'm beat, so the script will have to be short.  Today we went to the other end of the Spearhead Traverse and skied to Fissile Peak and the Banana Couloir.  Stats:  about 30 km traveled, 1300 meters climbed, 3400 meters skied, and 8 hours of work!

Food for the day:  2 PBJs and 1 Liter of H2O

We rode Whistler's gondola and two chairs to get going.

Our first lunch at Singing Pass.

Clearing Cowboy Ridge.

We climbed the far left-hand slope to the couloir.

At times the slope reached 50 degrees.

Pete seemed to like the descent!

So did John.

And so did John!

The Banana Couloir is the long right-to-left chute directly over our heads.

Heading back to Whistler.

We made it back to Flute Peak and Whistler at 5:40.  The descent to the lodge was 10km and took 45 minutes!