Jake's Peak

Finally, some for-real backcountry on Monday (20090104).  No lift tickets, no chairlifts, no lodges - just a pack and skins and legs and headphones and the sound of my own breath panting in rhythm to my legs in rhythm to my music.

Ski crampons would have been nice on the slick and ice up-track, but I managed.  I was so into the climb I never stopped to take photos on the way up!

Horton and Cayleb came along too, and I'm ashamed to admit that in my excitement and internal demand to burn I took off as if they weren't even there and climbed at 2500' in about 1:33.  Charlie and I got to hang out on the summit, take photos, and then have lunch after Horton, India and Cayleb arrived.

We took a more leisurely, and fun, ski descent back down to the cars.  I may have found my new solo dawn patrol when the avie conditions are low!  Thanks to Horton and Cayleb for coming with - sorry I was such a selfish ass at first.  You guys are great!