Book Review: Die Trying

Die Trying:  One Man's Qest to Conquer the Seven Summits
Bo Parfet with Richard Buskin
www.amacombooks.com | $23.00 USD | 3/5 stars

Mr. Parfet tells a story that is not as a-typical as he may think.  Perhaps this is because the investment banker-turned-entrepreneur hasn't had the free time between overcoming his deslexia, climbing mountains and participating in adventure races to read the numerous books already written by people - like him - who have accomplished the same goal and made the same discoveries.  Like Mr. Parfet, they found in mountaineering an opportunity to set themselves apart from their co-workers and a reason to have a life, not just a life style.

It is well written and an easy read.  Yet with all the comparisons and associations made between a maturing,successful climber and an entrepreneurial businessman, the book reminded me of a corporate motivational speaking tour, coming soon to a city near you.  Taking time to make these connections and the simplified explanations of the routes and equipment made it apparent that his book is meant for those unfamiliar with the sport, not the armchair mountaineer.  What prevents me from being too harsh is that Mr. Parfet accomplished what I wish for every one of my clients.  In setting this arbitrary goal, Mr. Parfet became healthier, fitter, more worldly, and more aware of the environment than he was before.  Those readers trying to find motivation to seek something beyond new golfing trips and restaurants will find this book compelling, as they'll find any book about the Seven Summits compelling.  Climbers already familiar with this plot will be compelled to look for something else.