Adventure Idea for November: Ice Climbing First Ascents!

This is a little more out there.  Because it will require skiing and ice climbing, it may be worth it to hire a porter to ski a load for us in and out.  I've seen these ice climbs form every spring for two years, so I'm convinced its a regular thing, and only a short day away from the trailhead.  Cold weather camping can be, well, cold, but I'd make up for it with lots of warm food, hot drinks, and but-kicking ice climbing.  There's no reports of prior climbing here, so its all potentially first ascents, or at least first documented ascents.

This is a three day trip, minimum.  Consider taking four days or five days to really maximize the BANG!!

Above:  Three of the more promising lines.  Below:  There's climbing on the opposite side of the canyon as well.  I took these photos during a spring ski tour, so I imagine going a month earlier will have more ice and colder temperatures.