2009 AMGA Annual Meeting

I'm really behind on trip reports - I've got like two climbs to write about as soon as some people email me photos, I'm working on a stack of gear reviews, a couple of movie reviews, and a great party report, so this one will be brief.  After being re-united with Patsy and Charlie for 6 whole days, I jumped back in my car and drove to Moab, Utah, for the 2009 AMGA Annual Meeting.  And I didn't take any photos.  So here I've borrowed a whole bunch to give you an idea of what we did.

I broke the drive into two days and slept at a truck stop in Wendover, Utah.  Along the way, I found my favorite exit on Interstate 80:

Every Star Wars fan must love this exit.  Photo:  I nicked it from someone's Flickr site.

And on the second day I stopped and finally got to check out the pictoglyphs and petroglyphs in Seco Canyon, just north of Moab.

The Annual Meeting is filled with, well, meetings.  Some are in the form of clinics, like in the Off-Width clinic (Photos Margaret Wheeler Collection):

Other clinics were not near as visually exciting, such as "Insurance and the Independent Contractor."  Sorry, I didn't get any photos of that or the Round-Table meeting regarding the Certified Guide Federation or the Board of Directors meeting.  I'm sure you guys are bummed.

But I did get a few photos from the Main Event, where we celebrated the life and way-to-soon and tragic passing of Craig Leubben.  It was also really great to see Tom Hargis finally receive his IFMGA pin.

Photos (from top left):  Silvia and Giulia Leubben accepting the President's Award for Craig from current President Margaret Wheeler and past President Dick Jackson; the audience hall was packed; Tom Hargis receiving his IFMGA pin from Technical Director Rob Hess.  Dick Jackson Collection

On the final day we had the traditional Guides' Olympics, a multi-discipline course of events meant to test the nerve, character, and moral fiber of teams dressed in drag.  Why is it that when you tell a group of raging heterosexual men to get into costume for an event, 50% pick dresses?

Photos, starting top left, left-right:  Angela, Betsy and Margaret get "warmed up"; guided slack lining; team knot-passing; Guides' Olympics Judge Matt Farmer; breaking the 3rd place tie was determined by a game of Twister; no, don't stem!  DON'T STEM!; Guides' Olympics Judge Joe Vallone; Big Bros are my heros.