Mt. Whitney for the 24th time...

On Tuesday I was finally driven mad by all the questions, "How many times have you climbed Whitney?"  So I sat down and counted my log:  1, 2, 3...24!  That's not too much actually.  Think of how many times SP must have summitted by now after guiding here for 25 years!  And this is only the second-most peak I've summited.  First place still goes to Mt. Rainier, where I've summitted 49 times.

On Memorial Day weekend I climbed my 24th - and possibly last of the summer - Whitney summit via the Mountaineers Route with Bill.  I'm completely un-impressed with my number of summits, but blown away by Bill's - he's 73, quite possibly the oldest guest I've guided to the summit!  We camped with and followed Braden and Aurora, Randy, Olga and Gary.

By hiking in together, I was free to scramble around and play "photographer".  I was able to get some great photos of the Eberbacher Ledges, arguably the crux of the approach and descent.  And moonset over the mountains on summit day was really incredible - we seemed to hit just the right spot to enjoy sunrise and alpenglow.  A great trip!