20090604 Wet Dog in Blackwood Canyon

 a very wet and very happy charlie 45 minutes into today's run

I had been impressively healthy while visiting Patsy in Arcata last week.  I dropped into yoga classes at the Om Shala studio, check out the beachside bouldering at Moonstone beach and pulled on the plastic at Far North Climbing, and went trail running in the Arcata Community Forest.

Its amazing how 7 hours of driving will inspire me to sit on my ass.

I feel like that's what has happened for the past few days.  The fact that the Lake is going through a thunderstorm cycle hasn't really inspired me to get moving either, but really, what's my problem?  Feeling guilty that I haven't exercised Charlie enough, I grew frustrated and "popped" this afternoon, despite the constant rain-shower outside.  I pulled on my running gear, added a rain coat, and drove up to the nearest forest access, Blackwood Canyon.

The 7.5-mile road to Barker Pass is still closed, but I was happy enough to park at the gate and run alongside the pavement, with Charlie ripping around me checking out the terrain.  30 minutes later, my legs and head were soaked through but I was a lot warmer, so we turned around and made our way back.
I toweled an incredibly wet Charlie at the cabin and then took a shower for myself.

Statistics:  Blackwood Canyon, mileage and elevation unknown, 58 minutes round trip.  Tahoe Pines, California.