20090327 Alpine Slaps Back with Season Pass Prices

For the past week, I've had to listen to Season Pass holders complain in the chair lift lines about Squaw's "$400" Season Pass.  Purportedly in celebration of its 60th Anniversary Squaw Valley is offering season passes "starting at $369."  Or perhaps its meant to bolster ticket sales and user days.  Maybe.

There was no way Alpine Meadows and its owners, JMA, could not respond to Squaw's gauntlet-tossed challenge.  On Tuesday I listened to a Director on at Alpine Meadows tell a couple of steamed Season Pass Holder's, "Just hold on - just wait and see..."  Well, at closing yesterday Alpine Meadows slapped back.

Alpine Meadows / Homewood Passes for next year will start at $299.  The breakdown looks like this:

Sunday-Friday, Holiday Blackouts:
Alpine - $299, Squaw - $369

All week, Holiday Blackouts:
Alpine - $429, Squaw - $469

All week, Unlimited
Alpine - $649, Squaw - $949-$1499, depending on the perks

Bottom line:  Alpine gives equal or better value for the "Midweek" or "Unlimited" passes, but Squaw gives a better value for the All Week with Blackouts (although Squaw appears to have more blackout dates than Alpine).

Of course, I'm biased.  So take this with a grain of salt.  But I was predicting this as soon as Squaw made its announcement.  Glad to know I was right, eh?