20090322 Winter Returns

On Friday, I wore shorts under my ski pants and finished the day in flip flops.  On Saturday, I had to wear my ski pants home as the clouds raced over the ridges and the wind whipped through the trees.  It was starting to snow as Patsy and I came home from a late dinner at the Bridgetender that night.  The forecast called for 10-18 inches of new snow.

I'm guessing we had at least 16 inches - I want to say 18 inches - of fresh, light, cold snow when we woke up in the morning.  I madly worried and shoveled the deck and the cars out, and managed to arrive 10 minutes late to work.  Darrin and Leigh said no worries and sent me away to find out what the conditions were like.  The morning wind kept me to one lap on Summit, and I spent most of the morning doing laps on Roundhouse and Yellow.  But the most beautiful moment was spending 30 minutes at the bottom of Scott, waiting for the chair to cycle up, and getting to ski second (behind patrol) tracks on the chute to the left of Seldom Slides Chute on Scott's East Ridge.

I ran into Khoa, Steve, Jim and Jim in the afternoon, and we started doing laps off of Summit - the wind had lowered a bit - criss crossing between Peril Ridge and the Palisades.  Memorable runs were Gentian, Pete's Peril and the bowl under Our Father's.  I skied non-stop from 11:00am to last chair, and I'm pleasantly tired this morning - but I'm heading out in a haf-hour to try to hit the High-T traverse when it opens this morning.  Cheers!